Month: May 2014

Rockin’ and a Rollin’

Well after the first few calm nights the last one was a rocking one. It was a gentle rock, just enough to lull you to sleep but not enough that your shoulder is rocking side to side and keeping you awake. I tend to sleep on my stomach on the boat, so I feel like I can brace myself to the bed, in case of a large wave… Apparently this isn’t how you’re supposed to sleep but I’ll worry about that when I get the back problems everyone tells me I’ll get. For now, I’ll just worry about actually being able to sleep while the boat moves. (more…)

Moving Aboard

If there is one thing that will help you reduce your load, it is moving aboard a small wooden boat. Matt and I have spent the last 4 winters (3 for me) looking after a bed & breakfast in Vineyard Haven. While we live in a relatively large house during that time, due to the nature of it being a B&B, our stuff is limited to our one room. Despite this however, it seems every winter we accumulate more stuff, that then has to fit onto our little boat. (more…)

Post #1 – On Making this Website

Well if you are reading this it is because I am finally satisfied with the set-up of our website and felt ready to present it to the public and all the people I keep telling about it.

This is my first website and I have learned a lot, some of which I thought I would share here for those contemplating making their own website. I know this is supposed to be about the boat, and our adventures, but so far my adventure has mostly involved this site and sewing, so we’ll start here. (more…)