Moving Aboard

If there is one thing that will help you reduce your load, it is moving aboard a small wooden boat. Matt and I have spent the last 4 winters (3 for me) looking after a bed & breakfast in Vineyard Haven. While we live in a relatively large house during that time, due to the nature of it being a B&B, our stuff is limited to our one room. Despite this however, it seems every winter we accumulate more stuff, that then has to fit onto our little boat.

While Heart’s Desire seems large, 43’ on deck, she’s only 31’ on the water line. And while storage space is designed more ingeniously on a boat than most houses, a large part of me just wants to throw everything away…. That would result in being pretty cold next winter. Seasons are great, I love winter, but the amount of things you need (and space they take up) to keep warm is not particularly convenient. Luckily, once I’m done with work I’ll be able to get rid of (or stow on land) all my “nice” clothes…

On the boat stowage is key. Matt built in a lot more nooks & crannies in which to stuff things when he re-built the forward cabin, but as we prepare to actually go cruising and have to actually put things away, I’m realizing a lot of my storage places (ie the extra bunk) aren’t secure. We do not want books flying across the cabin into anyone’s head as we sail off. Nor would broken glass or anything else that could happen be a good start to our trip.

Well, moving is always a process, luckily we have good weather for it and are able to pull up to a dock. This allows us to pass luggage, rather than transport it, with more potential for a watery disaster, by dingy.

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