Rockin’ and a Rollin’

Well after the first few calm nights the last one was a rocking one. It was a gentle rock, just enough to lull you to sleep but not enough that your shoulder is rocking side to side and keeping you awake. I tend to sleep on my stomach on the boat, so I feel like I can brace myself to the bed, in case of a large wave… Apparently this isn’t how you’re supposed to sleep but I’ll worry about that when I get the back problems everyone tells me I’ll get. For now, I’ll just worry about actually being able to sleep while the boat moves.

My main issue with the boat rocking does not occur while I’m on the boat, but rather about 30 minutes into my work day when (on land), my computer screen begins rocking back and forth. Last spring this also happened when we first moved to the boat, but after about a week it stopped. I don’t feel nauseous, or even get a headache really, it’s just that the screen is moving throwing me off a little. Luckily this issue is solved with a 2 minute walk around my floor. Usually by the afternoon the issue is resolved but then starts again the next morning if the boat rocks during the night.

Lucky for me it doesn’t last that long. A brief search turns up that “land sickness” is referred to as “Mal de debarquement” or “disembarkment syndrome,” and that people diagnosed with this syndrome can have it for months or years after some form of motion during travel… The Mal de Debarquement (MdDs) Balance Disorder Foundation also indicates that the issue is much more common in women than men (9:1), though there seems to be little research into the issue.

As we prepare for our longer voyage I’ve been getting a seasickness kit together for myself. While I haven’t yet really gotten sick, inevitably it will happen. For now I’ll just hope my computer stops rocking.

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