Meet Ethan!

I have mentioned him a few times but never really introduced our crew extraordinaire Ethan! Ethan met Matt working on the sailing cargo ship project the Kwai based out of Hawaii/Cook Islands. They re-met when Matt started visiting Ottawa since Jessica is also from there.

Ethan at the helm of Heart's Desire, entering Lunenburg harbour.

Ethan at the helm of Heart’s Desire, entering Lunenburg harbour.

Ethan has been working for the Canadian Coast Guard up in the arctic on ice-breakers and on the St. Lawrence ships. With extensive sailing experience in the south pacific and throughout the Atlantic he has been a great asset. Without him we would have been hoving-too out in the Atlantic for many more hours than it took for us to enter Lunenburg on Wednesday.
He’s been keeping us in drinking form in Lunenburg so far and will continue with us around Mahone Bay and up to Halifax.

Ethan has been the main engineer for the Kwai and designed their rig & construction plans. The Kwai is three-quarters of the way through the conversion from a powered cargo vessel to a sailing (and powered) cargo vessel servicing islands in the south Pacific.

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