Summer 2014

Finally Fog!

I recently mentioned to Matt that I think the idea of fog on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia was a hoax, a big conspiracy to keep this wonderful cruising ground all to themselves and the brave few who decided to venture up despite warnings.

Well, I definitely jinxed us because on the 16th day of the trip (July 2nd) we found out what it is all about. (more…)

Trip Log – Broken belt and river sailing

A group of 10 or so dolphins joined the boat for almost half an hour playing at the bow and jumping around beside the boat as we sailed along

A group of 10 or so dolphins joined the boat for almost half an hour playing at the bow and jumping around beside the boat as we sailed along

Eastershore: Halifax to Liscomb River

With Ethan left on his own adventures in Nova Scotia, Matt and I left Halifax on June 28th, a beautiful day, and made our way approximately 40 nm north to Owls Head bay where we found good holding and dark coke coloured water.


Trip Log – Friend filled Halifax

I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed Halifax until on June 24th we sailed down the peninsula on which the city sits, and many memories of my four years of university there came flooding back to me. I had often wandered the waterfront while living there and thought of how much I would like to be on a sailboat out in the harbour. I left in 2008, and so six years later finally got to sail in. (more…)

Trip Log – Mahone Bay and great people!

Where to begin? This is my first attempt at writing a blog post. In fact it’s my first attempt at writing, other than the chicken scratch time-cards I fill out for Michelle at Gannon and Benjamin, that I’ve undertaken in years! At lest four years to be exact, as that is when I bought Heart’s Desire, and the point at which everything in my life other than boat work ceased to be. Almost everything… So get on with it. We have now been in Nova since June 18th and have been bit lax about keep up this blog so I’ll be flexing what brain cells I can to remember back some 150 Nautical miles to our time in Lunenburg, and our introduction to cruising in Nova Scotia. It couldn’t have been better.

In Lunenburg, Heart's Desire, and (sailing) Fo'get About It.

In Lunenburg, Heart’s Desire, and (sailing) Fo’get About It.


Trip Log – Gulf of Maine to Lunenburg- A Wet Warm Welcome in Lunenburg

061614_0043Well our last 12 hours of sailing was an adventure. I was asked by the Lunenburg Librarian (not a sailor) if I was afraid for my life when I told her we arrived on Wednesday by sailboat… Well, I answered, not really afraid I would say… A little nervous I suppose. (more…)

Meet Ethan!

I have mentioned him a few times but never really introduced our crew extraordinaire Ethan! Ethan met Matt working on the sailing cargo ship project the Kwai based out of Hawaii/Cook Islands. They re-met when Matt started visiting Ottawa since Jessica is also from there.

Ethan at the helm of Heart's Desire, entering Lunenburg harbour.

Ethan at the helm of Heart’s Desire, entering Lunenburg harbour.

Ethan has been working for the Canadian Coast Guard up in the arctic on ice-breakers and on the St. Lawrence ships. With extensive sailing experience in the south pacific and throughout the Atlantic he has been a great asset. Without him we would have been hoving-too out in the Atlantic for many more hours than it took for us to enter Lunenburg on Wednesday.
He’s been keeping us in drinking form in Lunenburg so far and will continue with us around Mahone Bay and up to Halifax.

Ethan has been the main engineer for the Kwai and designed their rig & construction plans. The Kwai is three-quarters of the way through the conversion from a powered cargo vessel to a sailing (and powered) cargo vessel servicing islands in the south Pacific.