Recent Work

More to come when Matt stops working on the boat long enough to write a post. If you are interested in something specific that he’s done we’d love to hear and will write about that first! Here is a list of what has been done since the boat was purchased in 2010.

In St. Thomas after first buying the boat: new engine and a good going over. The boat was then sailed offshore from USVI to Martha’s Vineyard by Matt with two friends over 12 days in June of 2010.

Heart’s Desire was then hauled at Gannon & Benjamin that October and remained out of the water for two winters while the following were completed: new keel bolts, fixed rudder, new fuel takes, new exhaust system, engine control, re-bore rudder port through horn timber, stripped cabin tops down to cedar and put on new canvas and eyebrow trim, reused old hatches and grab rails. The forward cabin was then gutted and a new interior was built. I taught myself to weld plastic and made two 50 gallon water takes, an icebox insert with refrigeration, a battery box and a chain locker. I also made a new bow roller and cranse iron.
The boat was then wooded and approximately one third was re-caulked.

The boat was launched without a rig. I built a new pole main mast getting rid of the top mast. I fabricated all new hardware and spliced up all new 316 standing rigging. I then rewired and plumbed the boat putting in navigation equipment and diesel heat.

That is the general list, I could go into detail about led lighting, chain striper or making my own rudder port tube (and more and more). I learned a tremendous amount but I have work endlessly long hours for it. I look forward to writing in greater depth about this entire experience for one, to explore just what it has meant for myself and for the other, what it has meant for people around me, a small but attentive community who appreciates maritime history.

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